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Albania’s crown jewel

Albania has some very good beaches but its crown jewels are the mountains in the north. So we headed for Shkodër, Albania’s 4th biggest city, and organised our Albanian Alps adventure from there.

It started with a 2-3 hour boat trip across Lake Koman. The water was ridiculously calm and clear.

When we arrived in the Valbonë valley, we had a few hours to explore before getting an early night, ready for starting the trek in the morning.

Valbonë valley, Northern Albania

The hike from Valbonë, up the mountain and down into the Theth valley was a pretty hard 7 hours of effort, but this little hut provided some much needed refreshment, about a third of the way up.

On trips like this it’s hard not to use hyperbole...but the views that blessed our eyes up there really were mind blowing!

The autumnal colours were magical. Not for the first time on this trip, it felt like we were walking through enchanted forests and fairy tales.

The quaintness of Theth on the other side of the pass was just a bonus!

The Church of Theth

In terms of scenery, this may have been the best hike I've been lucky enough to do. Beautiful Valbonë valley, the climb up to the pass and seeing the Theth valley open up in front of us at the top; then the walk through the orange forest to our accommodation in the valley - just jaw dropping. Highly recommended!

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