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Bumbling through Bosnia Herzegovina

We wanted to do a slightly deeper dive into BH, so we hired a car and looked for the ‘off the beaten track’ experience. To add to the challenge, we cleverly didn’t discover any handy offline map applications ( is amazing) until we’d already left the country.

On our first day of driving we obviously got completely lost and ended up having to trust a road sign that was spray painted on to a piece of wood. It took us up a bumpy dirt track in a forest on a mountain, which I’m 100% sure invalidated our insurance! ...but we survived and the hire car company never had to find out about our fun but possibly ill-advised deviation from the beaten track.

One of the less convincing sign posts...

Undoubtably my favourite cities in BH are Sarajevo and Mostar.

Mostar's famous bridge

The culinary side of BH is heavy on the carbs and heavy on the meat...but very light on fruit & veg! I was craving salad after stuffing myself with these for a few days:

The coffee & cafe culture is strong in BH. I loved the ornate presentation of the strong signature Bosnian caffeine hit. You're supposed to take 20-30 minutes to drink it and the locals seem to chain smoke through that entire period!

For those who like the sweeter things in life (100% - me!) the best ice creams in the region are undoubtedly these delicious!

King is King!

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