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The importance of shaving one's head

(**Update at the bottom**)

I travel to see the world, to experience different cultures (and to eat all the ice cream) but it’s also good fun to include some sort of personal challenge.

When I was younger, the idea of my hair going grey was ok but definitely not going bald. It’s suits some guys but not others. I absolutely saw myself in the ‘others’ camp.

I love a challenge though, so when I travelled last and when the time felt right - which happened to be when I was partying with friends and we were all utterly intoxicated - I mentioned that I’d like to try something different with my hair. 

As questionable luck would have it, one of them had a shaver kit nearby. Brilliant! So, my new and completely drunk pals got to work removing the boundaries of my follicle-based fear and delivered me a Mohawk.

They did a great job and it was a really fun experience. I also have far less fear about my hair now: whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world.

Anyway, this time I’ve gone full tilt and shaved it all off. It’s not a style I’ll keep as long as the hair gods are in my favour. (Oh Lord of Head-Carpets, please be in my favour!)

I also shaved off my beard for the full effect. My girlfriend wasn’t so pleased with that particular birthday present but she’s a good sport & I think enjoyed the event as much as I did.

Breezy up top!

Now I just have to remember sunscreen!



The follicle gods were kind and the hair grew back. All was fine with the world. Then we reached Sri Lanka on our travels and my girlfriend's mop of long dark hair, as beautiful as it is/was, became akin to a 14 tog duvet in the middle of summer...too hot, too hot, too hot!

So, at the good lady's request, I charged up the clipper set and fashioned a more Sri Lankan summer friendly mop top, for her.

I was the shocked one, despite wielding the tools
Got creative with the latest version

She was much cooler in the heat of South Asia. We were both pretty pleased with the results, though future mother-in-law might never forgive me (sorry future M-in-law!!).

I found it quite fascinating seeing the reactions of the locals. I guess these kind of hairstyles haven't reached South Asia yet. The men thought it was hilarious. The women stared for an uncomfortably long time until I offered the same hair services to them, at which point they burst out laughing or ran away...I don't think I'd make much money as a hairdresser in these parts. Haha!

Jokes aside though, I'm forever impressed with people who don't care what the perceived 'normal' is or what the latest trend is. Within the framework of being a good person, do what you want and what makes you feel comfortable. Go for it!

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